Rating Agencies

CLE has lengthy, first-hand experience with rating agencies. Capitalizing on CLE’s extensive experience enables clients to benefit from CLE’s deep understanding of rating agency needs and deliverables. CLE thoroughly reviews each client’s security offering and helps customize their rating agency packages in order to achieve the highest possible credit rating in an anticipatory manner.

CLE knows the rating agencies’ institutional biases in their assignment of credit risk ratings. Our clients benefit from CLE’s experience, which includes years of helping develop rating agencies’ policies and training of rating agency analysts. Utilizing this insider’s insight is a unique advantage to our clients and often results in a more favorable outcome.

Among our achievements, CLE has successfully navigated several challenging offerings with a host of rating agencies. These accomplishments reflect our experience in providing rating agency personnel with straight-forward analytics on which to base their credit rating decisions, along with extensive, candid discussions with rating agency personnel. Few others can claim the length of rating agency experience offered by CLE.