CLE’s Managing Director served as the state regulators’ policy setting investment head and originator of investment standards. We capitalize on our long experience with state insurance regulators across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as their de facto investment regulators. State insurance regulators engage CLE as their “eyes-and-ears,” with particular focus on insurance companies’ investments. Our expertise highlights insurance companies' investment portfolio structure, potential investments risks, exposures, concentrations, inherent risk assessments, and review of derivatives.

CLE provides state insurance regulators with investment standards they should expect from an insurance company under examination. Our investment review experience goes beyond the year-end reporting as we are able to decipher investment patterns. Our unique examination approach, utilizing financial forensics insights, leads to a knowledge base which allows for better inquiries of insurance companies’ investment professionals. Our efforts allow state insurance regulators to accurately assess insurance companies’ risk profile as it relates to their invested assets, to determine any solvency issues and actions.